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Finished project - Sulfur Degassing and Pelletization Unit

09-04-2013  News

​We have sucessfully finished project of "Sulfur Degassing and Pelletization Unit" for ORLEN Lietuva refinery.
It is the largest environmental project at the Refinery within recent years.

Minister of Environment Valentinas Mazuronis participated in the official opening of the Sulfur Degassing and Pelletization Unit.

Modernization of the sulfur production processes will allow increasing ORLEN Lietuva’s sulfur production capacity by 40 percent. The throughput capacity of the new unit amounts to 350 tons per day, with the possibility of being extended up to 450 tons per day in the future.

“The main objectives of this environmental project were to even more improve the storage conditions and transportation safety of sulfur recovered as part of crude oil refining, as well as the Sulfur Unit employees’ work conditions,” noted Ireneusz Fąfara, General Director of ORLEN Lietuva.

The new Sulfur Degassing Unit reduces the content of hydrogen sulfite (H2S) in the liquid sulfur by 40 times – from 400 mg/kg to less than 10 mg/kg. The Sulfur Pelletization Unit is used to make solid sulfur pellets 2-5 millimeters in diameter from the degassed liquid sulfur. These pellets are diverted to the storage tank and later loaded onto closed-type rail cars or trucks.

Currently ORLEN Lietuva is the only sulfur producer in the Baltic region. Sulfur is mostly used in the chemical industry and in production of fertilizers.


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