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Measurement and Automation

​Our designers have years of experience in designing, building and starting up of industrial installations mainly related to the refining and petrochemical industry, bases of storage and expedition of petroleum products. Employees of measurement and automation keep complete and update their knowledge of the design, construction and starting up the equipment and automation systems by:
• Participation in specialized courses and training,
• Participation in conferences,
• Maintaining regular contact with suppliers of systems and automation devices.

Employees of the Department of Measurements and Automations have a knowledge in conducting HAZOP analysis and appointing the functional safety.

Design back

Design works are being conducted with the help of integrated (multiple-branch) design assisting system SmartPlant Instrumentation and Smart Plant-3D of Intergraph company. Simulation program of the Logi_cals company for design of the logic device.


The Department of Measurements and Automation carried out and participated in the following projects:
•    installation of hydrodesulphurization of  HON diesels V,
•    installation of ether methyl-tert-butyl,
•    installation of the II distillation of crude oil,
•    installation of the II distillation of crude oil,
•    installation of the IV distillation of crude oil,
•    installation of the VI distillation of crude oil,
•    installation of the III distillation of crude oil,
•    instrumentation of stock base (Ostrów Wielkopolski, Świnoujście,)
•    cooperation with PKN Orlen at the completion of big investment undertakings
Thanks to big experiencing the design staff of Measurements and Automation Dpt is carrying out projects of measurements of physicochemical values appearing in technological processes and projects of the automation of these processes. Petrochemical processes are a basic area of the functioning of the department along with objects coordinated with them i.e. objects of the water management and sewage and energy objects. Projects are being carried out both for modernized installations, as well as newly built.
Measurement and Automation Department as a result of the cooperation with remaining departments is carrying out the following:
•    developing the  requests for quotation for the measuring equipment and measurement systems,
•    opinions of offers along with conducting technical arrangements with tenderers,
•    elaborating the circuit diagrams of measuring circuits,
•    pictures of location measuring equipment, cable networks, flare boxes and electric joints,
•    assembly circuits diagrams,
•    specifications of measuring equipment and bulk materials for assembly,
•    various elaboration concerning statement of Ex building apparatus and opinions,
•    preparation of project assumptions for the following industries which are involved in the design (electrical, mechanical, construction, sanitary),
•    supervisions services directly on site

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