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Construction and Architecture
The department has a long-term experience in designing objects for the refining and petrochemical industry. The company, including the building-architectural department, was involved in a reconstruction, repairs and a modernization of many objects at the territory of PKN ORLEN SA, as well as located apart from the main plant. Employees with higher technical and entitlements to carry the independent job as designer in the construction are the backbone of department. Entitlements are creating possibilities to provide a full range of services full guaranteeing the quality and the safety.

Constructional – Architectural Department  in its area of buildings design operations cooperates for the following:

•    architectural designs of buildings,
•    cubic objects,
•    steel constructions,
•    rustproofings of steel constructions,
•    concrete and reinforced concrete structures,
•    foundations of machines and devices,
•    road, squares and projects of green,
•    construction cost estimates ("Leonardo").

Moreover the department undertakes:

• performance of works necessary to obtain grant of town planning consents, environmental consents and combined town planning and environmental consents,
• preparing materials for the purpose of preparing applications for building permit,
• supervising of building works

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