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Privacy policy & cookies

Welcome to online services ORLEN Projekt S.A. which presents a wide range of services and all the information about our company. In the department privacy policy, we would like to present short principles of personal data processing obtained through our web site.

All the information about places of residence, phones, e-mail addresses and other personal details can be collected by us and processed for marketing purposes. If you give us any personal information via the website Orlen Projekt SA, the information will not be disclosed to third parties unless we have your consent to the transfer of, or the obligation to disclose such data will lie to us under applicable law.

In order to improve our services, we shall send to the Client's net browser a small file which will be stored in the Client's computer and read by our Internet server (such files are called "cookie"). Such cookies cannot be read by any other Internet server apart from the server that transmitted the cookie. Cookies are used by ourselves in numerous administrative tasks, e.g. for storing the Client's preferences as to a given type of information or for the Client's password which shall not have to be entered by the Client on his/her every visit to our website. Most of such cookies exist exclusively during the session or "visit". No cookies shall include information that may allow third parties to contact the Client electronically, via electronic mail or via direct mail. The Client may prepare his/her net browser for informing him/her about cookies being sent or for preventing information cookies from being sent.


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