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ORLEN Projekt S.A. continues principal activity of Zakladowe Biuro Projektow MZRiP in carrying out the project documentation. Zakladowe Biuro Projektow was set up in September 1972 as an organizational unit forming part of Mazowieckie Zakłady Rafineryjne i Petrochemiczne. As a result of reorganization of MZRiP, Petrochemia Płock S.A. as a successor of MZRiP transformed Zakładowe  Biuro Projektów into a separate legal enity as a stock Corporation Petroprojekt S.A. in June 1998. Than, in November 2001 there was a change of name from  Petroprojekt S.A. onto ORLEN Projekt S.A.

Range of company’s activities

In general meaning object of the company’s activity is: 
•    Activity in the field of building design, urban and technological, 
•    General construction, civil engineering,
•    Other polygraphic activity, 
•    Technical testing and analysis.
Company carries out the project documentation of production facilites of portions thereof for petrochemical and chemical industry. Project documentation is done in all branches of petrochemical and refinery industry.
There are following branches in a Company: 
•    Process technology, 
•    Chemical apparatus, 
•    Machinery and equipment, 
•    Piping, 
•    Measurements and automation,  
•    Constructional – architectural, 
•    Electric and telecommunication engineering,  
•    Water installation and environmental.
In 2006 Company expanded its activity concerning project documentation by engineering EPC type activity (Engineering, Purchasing, Construction) also called General Realization of Investment (Generalna Realizacja Inwestycji (GRI)), which activity included performance of project documentation at all stages of investment development, purchases of investment goods and developing and starting up new investments. 
Since 2007 Company carries out a full range of engineering services  E(Engineering), P(Procurement), C(Construction).

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