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The Company – as Zakladowe Biuro Projektow – has started in 1994 the development and implementation of Quality Assurance System in accordance with the requirements of international ISO 9001 standard. Implementation has been completed in August 1997 and since that time Quality Assurance System is a base tool of management focused on meeting customers expectations and requirements.

On 04.12.1997 Quality Assurance System for the first time got certificate to the requirements of ISO 9001:1994,  issued by Bureau Veritas Quality International.

On 14.03.2003 Quality Assurance System for the first time obtained a certificate to the NATO requirements specified in AOAP2110, issued by Zakład Systemów Jakości i Zarządzania.

In 2010 Health and Safety System according to Polish standard PN-N 18001 was developed and implemented. 28 th of December 2010 system obtained certificate to the PN-N 18001 requirements issued by Bureau Veritas Polska.

Health and Safety System was integrated with Quality System and both are working as Integrated System of Quality, Health and Safety. 
Currently ORLEN Projekt provides engineering services in  wide meaning of investment process. These are EPC type services (Engineering - Procurement - Construction). They include an execution of project documentation, construction – assembly, purchases of goods and start-up investment. Service can be limited to selected stages of investment process depending on customer preferences. Existing Quality System complies with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 - „Quality System. Requirements" and requirements AQAP 2110:2006 - „NATO requirements for quality assurances in design, project works and production” for the following activity: „Design, capital expenditures, construction management, projects management in investment process for chemical industry”.


Now ORLEN Projekt has the following certificate of Integrated Quality, Environment, Health and Safety System:



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